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Intuitive Healings

Intuitive Healing

Each intuitive healing session is an invitation to shift and grow. To release what no longer serves you in a way that is kind, loving, and gentle ...

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Energetic check in

Energetic Check In

Quick clean outs. Assisting in the release of additional energy that is ready to be moved. (Can be done over the phone or via text.) *Available fo...

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Shop Crystals

Healing crystals are a wonderful way to deepen your own intuition. Choose the ones that stay in your mind, the ones that make you gasp and smile all at once! Each stone is intuitively chosen by me for you. All stones are cleared of all energy that does not belong to them. They are charged with Reiki and Love prior to shipping. Please feel free to contact me directly with any crystal questions.



Shop By Intention

Crystals are a great tools to further our intentions, providing additional focus and vibrational support in our day to day lives.


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The Power of Self Love

The Power of Self Love

How you love yourself dictates everything in your life. Literally everything...from the relationships you choose to bring into your life (both plat...

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Resistance Equals Shifts

Resistance Equals Shifts

Times of great shifts and transformation mean that we experience all aspects of things. We have days where we truly feel like we are becoming who w...

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