Tanya Alexis is a gifted healer who meets you where you are in order to reacquaint you with your deepest self. A Certified Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, Healing Photographer, Sound Healer, Clairvoyant, and Certified Crystal Healer, she is a highly intuitive and gifted guide for your greatest good. In her intuitive healing sessions, she sources from a mixture of her accredited background as well as Aura and Chakra healing techniques, creating the most harmonious balance for each session. Her mission is simple: to aid you in the release of anything that no longer serves you, to help you fill back up with your own essence, your own energy, so that you can live your life from your brightest version of yourself.

My Healing Journey

I believe as healers we help those who are experiencing situations similar to what we ourselves have lived through.  Here is how I came to where I am today. So where to begin…The first healing session I ever had, was at 13.  I had a debilitating phobia of the wind. Yes, wind. It was so intense that I couldn’t sleep, if it was windy.  When morning would come, my entire body was sore from being tense all night.  Some nights were so bad that, I would curl up on the floor of my parent’s bedroom. Nothing made sense as to why I suffered such intense anxiety from something so slight as wind.  We tried therapy, but all the therapist did was try to connect it to my family. I knew that wasn’t it, so I told my father that I didn’t want to go back, and he didn’t argue with me about it. A few months later, my father took a past life regression class at Dartmouth.  He had met someone who did them and he thought it might be helpful. To this day, I still cannot believe that he suggested it, but he did, and I will always be grateful for that.  I remember the appointment with staggering detail despite it happening 26 years ago. She had me lay down on the floor. I had on a t-shirt, jeans, and Birkenstocks – because I was 13 and living in New Hampshire.  This will be important later. She started leading me into meditation. I could still hear the traffic outside, but I felt like I was a million miles away. She began asking about my clothes, and I could feel tight heavy boots going up my calf muscles and layers upon layers of clothing.  It didn’t make sense, but I went with it. By the end of the session, everything felt different. I had an understanding my fear of the wind was, in fact, rational. From our session, I gathered that many years ago, in Louisiana, I had been a young girl and I watched my entire family perish in a massive hurricane.  It explained my reaction so well that from that point on, my fear went away. Even to this day, I take notice of the wind, but it doesn’t affect me the way that it once did.Even though my first healing session was a success, I never really thought about it again until some years later, I was 19, living in New York and a roommate of mine suggested I see an intuitive healer. The reading was a mixture of tarot and intuitive – learning about where you were and what you needed to be mindful of in order to move forward.  Many of his predictions came true over the years, whether or not I believed them at the time. One of the predictions was about me moving to LA, which I told him was never going to happen. Yet, here I am almost 20 years later, and I have been in LA for 15 of those.  His sessions have always been immensely helpful to me. As I spent more time in LA, a yoga studio I grew to love opened near me. They would have monthly sound baths and I would go, because they felt so good and were always so different.  It always amazed me how different each one felt depending on the people that attended. I even began to receive reiki and healing sessions from the woman who led the soundbaths on occasion, but it was never a regular thing. In October of 2013, I met someone.  It was completely unexpected for so many reasons, not least of which was a massive age gap.  Both of us took it slow, we had dates that neither of us thought were dates (though everyone we knew thought otherwise).  We talked for hours and hours on end, and eventually, we talked away the awkwardness of the age gap. On December 21st there we were, having our first date.  It was beautiful and awkward — and I knew before I even walked up the steps to his apartment for the first time, that this was someone that I was going to grow with.  We loved each other before we even kissed, everything was so genuine, so familiar and wonderful. A week after our first date, we were already referring to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. A couple of weeks after that I had a key to his place.  It was one of the most beautiful, intimate, and intense experiences of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

On May 23rd, as I was getting ready to meet him at his place for dinner when I received one of those phone calls that you never want to receive.  He had been in a motorcycle accident. And, he was gone. I made it to his apartment safely, trying my best to hold it together. Convincing yourself that a tragic event has happened is one of the disorienting aspects of grief.  It is so final, and yet, it doesn’t feel final at all, because you just saw the person. That night, I stayed at his place. He never came home, and it was one of the strangest nights of my life. It was as though I could feel his energy pulling away and transitioning.  It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Minutes felt like hours. Hours felt like years. It felt like the night was never going to end. It destroyed me to know that I had found someone who loved me the way I was meant to be loved and then he was gone. And yet, within a few days, I knew exactly why we met when we did.  I was meant to give him the most beautiful, loving send off, and he was meant to ignite a huge shift and healing journey for me. We were never meant to be together for long. As fate would have it, exactly one week after Michael’s passing, I had a session booked with the intuitive healer I used to see in New York, which I had booked six months earlier.  Here was this gift I had laid out for myself. Usually when someone passes, they need time to sort out some things  before they can come through, but not Michael.  As soon as the session began, he was there waiting to talk to me. He was waiting to apologize for making such an awful miscalculation, and more importantly to tell me to keep writing to him.  I hadn’t even mentioned this to Tony (my healer) and I was floored that he knew. For some reason, I brought a journal with me, the night Michael passed, and I had been writing him a letter every single night, and I would continue to do so for the next year.  Another thing that struck me from that session was that I was told that Michael’s death was going to set me on a massive level of healing, and that I should go to a healer at least once a week for the foreseeable future. For the next two years, I went every single week.  I worked through so much fear, anxiety, pain, heartache, self-doubt, past lives; the list just goes on and on.  I worked through current changes in my life as well…starting to date again after Michael, and the death of my father, which came exactly one year and one week after Michael passed.  Each year was filled with new awareness in how to carry myself, and how to live my life. Eventually, I decided to take a Reiki Class, not because I wanted to work on others, but because I wanted to work through some of what I was going through on my own.  After the Reiki Class, I decided to take the Advanced/Master Reiki program, still with the intention of only using it on myself. Well, maybe not just on myself, my cat really loved it too.Two years after Michael’s death, I went to visit the place where we spread his ashes.  I took a roll a film with me and shot some photos of that day, of my drive, a rose, all of the little moments.  When I got to my lab, I opened the bottom of my camera to realize that the film was not wound. I was so upset thinking that the images were going to be ruined, and gave myself a very hard time about. When I got the film back, I realized the images were not ruined after all.  Some were even more beautiful. It was as though Michael had given me a way to make art that I wasn’t able to see on my own.  Later that month, I asked a friend if they wanted to go out to the desert so I could take some experimental photos.  Those images came out better than I could have imagined, and it got me thinking…could I combine this with the Reiki I had learned to create something new? And that’s where my healing photography came from. At this point, I was still uncomfortable with the idea of being a healer, but I could be a photographer who also did healing work.  That was okay. I continued to learn on my own, take classes, got certified in other modalities, all the while still working on myself…especially the part of myself that was resistant to this path.  I have spent the better part of the last six years in a massive growth period in order to get to the point where I am today. And while I will continue to grow, I am ready to support others as they take their next steps, as they heal their trauma, their doubt, their uncertainty, their heart.  I am ready to support you. If you asked me at 32 what the next 8 years would hold, I would not have been able to guess any of it, not one single bit.  The joy, the growth, and the heartache have been beyond my wildest dreams. And, if I had the chance to do it all again, I would not change a single thing.  Not. One. Because each experience led me to a new revelation and each revelation led me to new growth.


Meet the Team 


Meet Mabel

Associate Healer & Crystal Curator

Mabel loves helping people. She can often be found offering mini-healings during our live instagram sales, and is always looking for the next lap to purr on. Loves sleeping on crystals.
Favorite Crystal: Blue Calcite



Meet Rosie

Resident Crystal Blesser

Rosie LOVES getting high off crystals and blessing them for their future humans. She can often be found napping on orders or seeking attention during our live sales. Her bff Mousie is always nearby. Favorite Crystal: Rose Quartz


Meet Bianca

Packing Assistant & Crystal Blesser

Intern Bianca can often be found seeking attention during the live sales, since her main duties happen after the sales end. She helps pack crystals by walking around mimicking the sound of packing tape, occasionally packing her spring toys with people’s orders, and testing out all of the boxes and packing paper. Her bff is bunny.
Favorite Crystal: Fluorite