Intuitive Healing

Each intuitive healing session is an invitation to shift and grow. To release what no longer serves you in a way that is kind, loving, and gentle on your physical form. Sessions are created especially for you. They may include any mixture of the following Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Guided Meditation, Aura Clearing, Rose Readings (Past lives), Chakra Balancing, Clairvoyant Work, and more.




*New Client Special 30 minutes $80 (Receive a $20 credit for a crystal purchase)

$175 | 60 minutes



01. WTF IS REIKI? If you've never before experienced Reiki or any type of energitic healing, this is the place to start. We start gently, very introductory and I walk you through every step. 30 minutes - $80 - includes $20 crystal purchase credit *For first time clients


02. NOT A NEWB This is for those who have experienced Reiki before, but you'd like to dive deeper into your healing journey. 60 minutes - $175


03. DEEP DIVE This package is for those who perhaps feel they have psychic gifts or intuitive abilities and would like to dive deeper into what that is, how it manifests, psychic hygiene (clearing all the gunk out), and how to use these tools. 60 minutes - $175


04. ENERGETIC SUPPORT This is reserved for those who are healers themselves that find they need some extra support in clearing their energetic space or their physical space from intense client sessions, fortifying boundaries, and recharging & resetting 60 minutes - $175