Intuitive Healings

Intuitive Healing

Each intuitive healing session is an invitation to shift and grow. To release what no longer serves you in a way that is kind, loving, and gentle ...

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Sound baths

Sound Baths

Sound baths are a great way to release and to receive. My sound baths consist of a mixture of 7 Crystal Bowls. Each corresponds to a different cha...

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Reiki Healings | Bry Penney 2022

Reiki Healings

A universal healing modality, Reiki, is a great way to help shift out unwanted energy and energy that does not serve you and/or belong to you. Rei...

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Energetic check in

Energetic Check In

Quick clean outs. Assisting in the release of additional energy that is ready to be moved. (Can be done over the phone or via text.) *Available fo...

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