Instagram Live Adoption Sale

January 28th at 11am PST


Come join us on instagram for an afternoon of sharing our love and knowledge of crystals with good humans and happy feline helpers.

Inner Child Retreat - In Person 

Spring 2024 - Saturday, May 18th, 2024

​The Inner Child is the culmination of everything we came up against growing up; everything that removed us from who we truly are at our core. Every unmet need, every dismissal of our feeling, every fear that went unaddressed. As children, our minds cannot comprehend our caretakers' inability to meet our needs had to do with how they were raised and brought up and has nothing to do with us. The Inner Child creates a narrative about our worth from these experiences, and if left neglected, may continue to play out similar patterns in an attempt to finally get those missing needs met. When we integrate our Inner Child and love them wholly and completely with our wise adult self, we can reclaim our worth and return to our truest self.

Healing the Inner Child returns us to our light. ​

We invite you to join us at Trewald Crest Farm, Tanya's childhood home, for a day of nourishment, healing, and an opportunity to deepen your connection with every aspect of yourself. This day is about releasing resistance to change, opening your heart and your spirit, healing and nourishing younger versions of you, and filling up with a new vibration; one which will set the tone for how you choose to show up for yourself going forward.

10am-5pm ​ ​

On 32 acres of magical land, at a private residence in Canaan, NH ​ ​

Tea, Lunch & Optional Dinner will be served ​ ​