Your Identity Can Shift

You have the power to choose how you see yourself. That pain that you think is a part of who you are? It doesn't have to be. This is not coming from an idealistic space so much as it is coming from my own experience. 

Growing up, and for many years into adulthood, I assumed that the pain I carried with me was a part of my identity. And while, that was very true at the time. It was and is equally true that I alone had the power to say - no more.

And I did.

I didn't even realize it at the time, but in my quest to bring more joy into my life, I was also choosing to let go of the pain and suffering that I always assumed would be there. It took years of unwinding, of acknowledging that carrying it in my body and my spirit was a choice. And I didn't even realize that I let it go until last week when I saw a portrait of an ex-boyfriend. As soon as I saw it, my heart hurt and my first thought was....oh my gosh, there is so much pain around him. We dated forever ago, and I couldn't see it until just now.

We are so often drawn to that which matches what we hold and believe about ourselves. Because of this we are unable to see the lower vibrations in others; if we carry those same vibrations. It doesn't mean that we are doing something wrong or bad, it is more so just that we don't know how to exist any other way...until the day when you choose different choices; especially the ones that are initially outside of your comfort zone. 

My point for sharing this is to remind you that you have the power to make the shifts and changes your heart craves. You have the power to bring more joy in your life. You have the power to rewire what you believe makes up your identity. You hold the key to creating the shifts and changes you so deeply crave. 

In order for me to work through this, I used my own practices, working with a therapist, working with different healers at different times, sound, deep transformative friendships, and many other tools that I learned over the years. 

If you are curious to see if I would be a good fit to help you work through aspects of your identity that you are ready to shift, please schedule a call and we can have a chat. Even if I don't feel like a good fit, I would be honored to make suggestions or recommendations for next steps. 

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