What You Emit, Returns to You

The vibration of our words sets the tone for how we live our life. The importance of words and how one choose to use them both internally and externally is something I have been practicing for years. Funny, I almost wrote “working,” but I chose “practice,” because the vibration felt better, kinder. As you can see, this is still a work in progress.

It first began many years ago, when someone tried to explain the value of our thoughts and the power that they hold. It took another six or seven years before I was able to fully process that. I still remember it so clearly. It was in a woman’s group, and we were talking about the power of words. Someone used the example that they wanted to “be kinder to themselves” rather than “be less harsh.” It was then, the light bulb turned on and all of a sudden I got it. That doesn’t mean that I was able to undo 34 years of conditioning in one night, but from that moment on, I was and am aware of the words I choose to use.

Let’s play a game, I am going to list phrases and you can choose which vibration feels better. You don’t have to share your answers with me, but perhaps it will help give you a new awareness

Be Kind vs. Be Less Cruel Resist Hate vs. Embrace Love Remove Blocks vs. Create Flow More Affordable vs. Less Expensive Deserving to be __________ vs. Willing to be __________

The last one has been something I have been working on a lot lately. Creating a fuller more abundant life has been at the top of my Spiritual To Do List for some time now. At first, I tried to work on it from a place of “deserving,” but for some reason that word never really sat well with me. It felt like I was forcing something that I wanted rather than creating a space where it was my choice to embrace it. Then one day, a dear friend, suggested that I try the word “willing” instead. I am willing…and it felt so much better. There is a softness to it, but also a choice and commitment to be willing to bring something into your life.

So that is where I am today. I have reminder on my phone. Every day at 9am, the phrase, “I am willing to be happy,” pops up on my screen. And then, I wait. I wait until the moment where I truly believe that I am willing to be happy and then I click complete. And it feels oh so satisfying to really mean it.