The Magic of Soundbaths

Every single soundbath is a unique experience; some leave you energized and ready to seize the day, while others prepare you for deep slumber. Each one takes place with a select group of people who have chosen to come together to heal collectively. How beautiful is that? Without consciously thinking about it, a bunch of strangers all choose to heal themselves at the same time, in the same place. My favorite aspect of a soundbath is that you really never know what you are going to get until the soundbath has finished.

This year, I have been collaborating with another Reiki practitioner, Erika Tran, to create Reiki infused monthly sounbaths. The Reiki and the soundbath work together, supporting everyone so that they may release, receive, and restore. We spend so much time expending our energy, that often times, we forget to call it back to us.

Refilling with your own energy is vital. Soundbaths can give you the space to release what no longer serves you so that you have room to be able to fill back up with your own energy. If you have your energy, you have your own information, you are operating from a space where your best interest is at heart.

Here are a few benefits of Reiki soundbaths…

– Being in a safe space, you are able to surrender to the sounds of the crystal bowls as they wash over you.

– Reiki and the sound aid you in releasing any blocks or anything else that you may be ready to release.

– Showing up to a soundbath means you are giving yourself permission to heal.

– You are allowed to lie down on the ground in Savasana for an hour.

Our next Reiki Soundbath will be March 21, 2020 in Echo Park. Hope to see you there!