Travel Tips - Energetic Edition

Travel can take a toll energetically. We are surrounded by people in airports, immersed in new energy once we land, and any routines that we have tend to have often go out the window. Here are a few tips to stay grounded, present, and get the most out of your travels.

*Set an intention before you even get to the airport. Mine is usually something along the lines of "Everyone I encounter is healthy and kind. When I land, all of my energy is with me. I am grateful for all the experiences and opportunities both known and unknown. And so it is."

*If you have rituals or routines in your life, create mini ones for you trip. For example, I have a big morning routine, but when I travel it shifts to one oracle card pull, 5 minute meditation, and 10 minutes pilates. It allows me to center and ground without taking as much time as I would usually take.

*Crystals for traveling (My Personal Favorites) 
  • Black Tourmaline Pocket Stone - Protection, Absorbs Negative Energy
  • Rose Quartz Pocket Stone - Self Love and Compassion
  • Fluorite - Mental Clarity and Positive Vibrations
  • Spirit Quartz - If I am being honest, it's purely because I am a huge fan of fairy energy. Also, it is super sparkly in the sunlight! (My name even means Queen of the Fairies.) 
  • Arkansas Quartz (small piece) - to raise the vibration of the other stones and every space I go.

*Traveling is an excellent way to play with manifesting. You are in a new space with new energy. Why not experiment? Each morning create something to manifest, it can be as simple as "Wouldn't it be fun if I saw someone wearing pink sneakers?" to "Wouldn't it be fun if I had a lovely encounter with a kind stranger?". There are a million different options, but the point is, pick something that you have zero attachment to, it takes the pressure off, and allows for play.

*Bonus Tip Jet Lag - When I get on the plane, I set every clock (computer, ipad, phone) to the new time zone. I call my energy to me a few times through out the flight. Once we prepare to land, I close my eyes and ask for any remaining energy that belongs to me returns to me so that I may be my most present self. No matter how tired I am, I will wait until at least 9pm to go to sleep and stay in bed until at least 6am.