Five Energetic Reasons to Wait to Go Online in the Morning

This whole posts stems from a realization that I have had in the past few weeks. I always felt heavy and ugh by the time I got out of bed after spending about an hour on my phone - before I even got out of bed! So, after months of being told - don't do it, put the phone down, You will be brighter and sparklier if you wait to go on your phone and if you avoid facebook and reddit entirely, I listened. 

Once I listened and began to have more clarity, I asked the why - Why is it better for me to not go online first thing? Here is what I came up with...

  1. Empaths have a tendency to absorb the energy of others. So being online, means that you are absorbing what you are ingesting. Would you roll out of bed and immediately put a lolly pop and ice cream and soda in your mouth? Getting on your phone first thing is kinda the same thing.
  2. You have just come from the Astral Plane, and you are most likely not fully back in your body when you wake up. 
    1. You can counter this by beginning each morning with taking a few deep breaths. Each breath visualize your spirit returning further and further into your body. When you step on to the floor, place both feet firmly on the floor. Thank the earth for its support.
  3. You can opt to use the space and time to calibrate your day. Here are a few examples..
    1. Take one minute and share 3 things you are truly grateful for.
    2. Visualize one thing that you would like to experience and feel what it would feel like to receive it.
    3. Take deep breaths with the intention that you will have clarity and ease throughout your day.
  4. Remember, the internet will still be there later & you will be better prepared energetically to ingest it, if you give yourself the space to create what you want.

This is how I have begun to start each of my days...

  • Calling back my own energy
  • Filling up with gratitude
  • Writing in my manifesting journal
  • Pulling oracle cards to provide support 
  • Exercise to provide strength in my physical form (bonus - exercise is great for moving and shifting energy that you are ready to release)
  • Nourishing myself with breakfast that I infuse with love

If you could create an ideal morning routine, what would it look like? If you aren't able to do it all now, what is one thing that would become your must for the morning?