Abundance vs. Lack Mindsets

There are some people that are fortunate to have kind, loving, support systems that have always felt filled. There are also a lot of people that do not. As a society, especially one engulfed in consumerism, it is so easy to feel like something is lacking in your life. Even as kids there is often something that someone else has that we want - that we may never get. As we grow older it shifts to this person has x y z, why don't I have that? It spirals into this will never work out, I don't deserve this, I will never have this, etc.

Did you catch that last bit? "I don't deserve/ I will never have...Self Worth is deeply connected to abundance. The best way to gain awareness around shifting your mindset is working on self worth. 

So how do we shift our mindset?

It starts with awareness. Begin to notice when you find yourself craving something from a space of emptiness, I want...I need...etc.

Once you grow your awareness, begin to ask yourself...how could I phrase this differently? 

     For example...I don't know if this cat that I want to adopt will be mine. What if         they don't follow up with me? What if it doesn't work out?

     And then flip it...I know if this cat is meant to be mine it will be. I have taken all       the steps I can take at this time. I trust the universe will provide the right furry         friend to me at the right time.

That second sentence not only shows we have worth, but that we have initiative. We have done what we can to support this goal, so whatever happens will be okay. 

Trust like Self Worth is a big aspect of Abundance mindsets as well. If we do not trust and feel worthy, how will we be able to shift our vibration? It takes A LOT of work to undo the conditioning that has been done to us, but it is possible.

I know, because I am living proof. I cannot even begin to tell you how often I would say this will never happen or be worried that something wouldn't work rather than be excited if it did. Worried that I would mess up, that I would fail, that I wouldn't be allowed to have something I so deeply desired. And yet, here I am. Living in a space where I am so incredibly happy and joyful about where my life is, what I am creating, and the person I am stepping into (or rather the person I always was underneath all that societal conditioning). 

The simplest way to begin to live from a space of abundance is to start each day and end each day by telling yourself three things that you are truly grateful for and feeling that gratitude deep in your soul. Give yourself a challenge. Try it for two weeks and see if you begin to notice a shift in the way you see the world.