Recreating Your Morning Routine

I have been in need of a major reset for my morning routine for months. I had one, but it, in all embarrassing honesty, was spend an hour in my warm bed on my phone before getting up to start my day. Doing this gave me permission, in my mind, to criticize myself for being lazy in the morning. I have realized that the more actively I learn to love myself the deeper certain old habits kick being on my phone mindlessly or eating when I am bored, because then I still have a reason to berate myself or to be unkind to myself. If I continue to be unkind to myself, I will stay in "safe" (not really) patterns and not grow and shift in the way I would if I was purely showing up for myself with love. 

So, how do I get out of the cycle that I have created? For starters, I asked myself, what do I want my morning to look like. For me, it ideally looks like...

*Do gratitude meditation for me and the girls

*Brush my teeth


*Clean out the girls litter

*Make the girls breakfast whilst making tea for me and taking my morning vitamins with a glass of lemon water

*Meditating for 11 minutes with Mabel or Bianca on my lap

*Reading for 20 to 30 minutes whilst drinking tea and petting a cat

*Get dressed/showered

*Begin Working

And yes, I know that is a lot, but if your days are going to be busy, it is important to start your day from a full space. I hadn't even realized that Mabel wanted this too. Turns out she did, because she isn't much of a lap cat, and even as I type she has been on my lap since my meditation (only getting off when I needed to go get my computer). 

I am curious to see where this will go and the shifts it will create, but for now, I am really appreciating that my days start with what fills me up rather than random energy from the internet. 

If you morning routine feels like it needs a refresh, you can start with small steps. Write down all the things you would like to have in your morning routine and why they are important to you. Then start with one of those steps. Do it every day for 3 weeks. If you catch yourself being dismissive about doing one of your steps, remind yourself why it is important to you. When you are ready, add another, and then another. 

Give yourself permission to take small steps, in time, they create massive leaps! 

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