How Energy Healing Supported My Growth and Expansion

I first found consistent energy healing around the time that Michael passed away. Prior to this, I saw an Intuitive Healer once or twice a year. He would confirm where I was at and also mention things to be mindful of going forward. Side Note - The best healers are the ones that do not pigeon hole you into any specific outcome. They may tell you that if you continue xxxx - you are headed in xxxx direction, but you and everyone else around you has choice - so healers can only tell you what is true in that exact moment. 

Once I began going weekly and started my own journey towards become a healer, I realized that Energy Healing was going to be able to sort a lot of what I struggled with. All I had to do was show up.

Now this might sound easy, but let me tell you it was me constantly choosing to move forward time and time again. There were days where I was so tired that I was unsure if I was going to be able to make it to a meditation class, days where I was so angry that all I wanted to do was to blow everything up around me. There was a lot of resistance.

Resistance is the last test before change begins to happen. We often talk about how things are exactly the same, but that is only, because we keep choosing to make the same choices - and even if we make different choices, we get upset if things do not go our way immediately - and then use that as proof that we shouldn't have even tried, because look its the same....but if we choose different reactions after our initial disappoint - that is where the shifting begins to happen. 

Here's what shifted from consistent weekly healing sessions...

*Started waking up with more energy and sleeping deeper.

*Created a basis to love myself more deeply and purely, because I was able to shift out all the feelings that told me I was less than.

*Got to a point where I no longer needed to rely on ADHD medication (after being on it for over 16 years), and was able to focus more easily. 

*Began to treat myself with more kindness.

*Learned the difference between my energy and energy that is not mine. 

*Moved out resistance to change & shift.

*Connect more deeply to my own intuition.

*Cleared out the energy of others in order to make space and change.

*Cleared out client energy

*reconnected to my own Energy

*Reduced Heaviness and Brain Fog

*I moved through heartache and break ups on a deeper more complete level. 

*Recalled my own energy from others.

If anything on this list resonates with you, please feel free to set up a chat to see how energy healing can support you...