I Learn Through Acts of Love & Kindness

The title of this post has been something I have been working towards shifting for years; mainly because I am exhausted. Plus, why would I want to learn through pain and suffering when there are easy options. 

So every morning when I wake, I have a reminder set on my phone to tell me "I learn through acts of Love & Kindness. That is literally all I have shifted. Giving myself the space without deadlines to shift and transform how I learn in this lifetime; and you know what it works. But I will note, it works even better through building community and through creating space for new opportunities. Connect with and build relationships with good humans when you find them, because when you are in a crummy situation, you can reach out to them for support or insight. 

This past week, I have been thanking my lucky stars every single day for the kindness and community that came through for me. But, in order to receive the gentleness and kindness that I needed, I had to ask for help. So, my big lesson right now is learning to ask for help, and in doing so, I am in awe that it took me this long. The level of support that I have felt has been overwhelming no matter how small the initial ask was. 

Here are a few examples of where gentleness, love, and kindness entered into my week...

*Finally found out the issue with an ongoing tooth ache and was told I would most likely need an extraction by an oral surgeon. Rather than run out of the office in tears, I asked my dentist if her assistant could see if she could find me an appointment the same day with someone she trusted. And before I left, I had a rough estimate of what it was going to cost and an appointment for 3pm. 

*The estimate ended up being a little lower than what it would be, because they had to do an extra thing they weren't expected. When I explained that I didn't have dental insurance, they were kind enough to comp the unexpected thing, and it was right back to what I was expecting to pay. 

*On my first half day back at work on my way to a session, my oil light went on. Once again, rather than crying from being overwhelmed, which was a real possibility that day, I reached out to the Sales Manager at my dealership and asked him what I could do and if I could bring the car in the same day at around xxx time to have them take a look. In no time, I had a response that said, "Come on in!" Another thing, I didn't have to worry about. They topped off my oil and noticed my coolant was low and sorted that too. Plus I am only a few months away from the end of my lease, so we took time to look at my options for buy out my car, and he also explained what interest rates were doing right now and how it may be better to sort it now. So, yet another thing that could have been a bigger deal or more costly in a few months, got sorted now. 

There was more, but you get the point. And if not, the point in sharing all of this with you is that at no time did I sit with a "why is this happening to me?" or "what did I do to deserve this?" Things happen in life. They are going to happen, but they can happen gently, kindly, and through love or through pain and suffering. Having spent most of my life doing the later, I can highly recommend the former.

May you learn through acts of love, kindness, and ease this week and going forward!