Power of Connection

I am writing this as someone who lives by themselves, so I am only able to speak to my personal experience with Sheltering at Home.  Everyone has their own obstacles and hurdles, this is how I as a solo dweller am coping with everything. Having pets, definitely helps, even if they do not adhere to social distancing.

For the foreseeable future, human contact is not an option for me.  I am grateful to have pets, but there is something to be said for having actual communication and connection with other human beings, especially when going through uncertain times.  The positive is that we can still find that human connection we crave, we just need to be a little more mindful and creative about it.

Here are a few ways that I have found to help me in this time…

  • Joining online, live, yoga classes – there is something about knowing that you are practice at the same times as others, that you are all in this together.
  • Joining live meditations or discussions on IG or on Facebook
  • Talk to at least one person you care about every day either on the phone or facetime. Talk about your day, your fears, your joys, allow yourself to fully connect.
  • Write on social platforms, share your experiences with others, you may just share something that touches someone else in a similar situation, and right now, it’s important to know others are going through this too.
  • Share important information, but also share memes and other things that make you laugh, because right now, we could all use some laughter
  • Take comfort in the fact that this is an invitation to go inward, to address the areas of your life that needed some love and healing and come up with ways for you to face this head on. For many of us, this time is a gift. Use it wisely.

How are you creatively connecting with community these days?