Choosing Love vs. Choosing Fear

As I go down this healing path; I’ve have been taught to choose love over fear. In theory, it’s simple. Choose the higher vibration and you will have a simpler time processing and shifting what you are living through, because once at a higher vibration, the lower vibration bits will fall away. And, it’s true. It really does work. But, it also requires retraining your mind and your heart to choose the higher vibration. That can be a challenge for many of us – it certainly is a challenge for me.

Today, I could have chosen love. In fact, I did choose love yesterday when I was processing the first half of what I am currently working through. And even though it was still intense, I was able to move through what I needed to in a way that was healthy and loving.  Today, I cannot seem to find the love. No matter where I search, I come up empty. It’s as if I want to choose fear, even if deep down, I don’t.  But it’s familiar and comfortable and a way that I know how to cope even if it is more painful and challenging than choosing love.

So, what do you do if you want to choose love, but find yourself choosing fear.  One thing to do is sit. Sit in the quiet. Breathe. Search for the spaces in your body where you hold love. Seek them out. If you are unable to find them, ask for them to come to the surface. Once you connect to love, ask for support in holding this vibration as you process your doubts and fears. Ask for support from your angels and your guides. Ask for them to hold space as you create a new way of processing old pain and sorrow. They are here to guide and support you. They want to help, but you need to ask.  Always remember to ask for their support. It may take time to learn how to process shadows in this new way, but you will get there. Take this new learning curve one breathe at a time. Be kind to yourself. Breathe in. Breathe out. Know you are loved and supported.