Embrace the Light Healing Photography Sessions

Every single time I am asked to do a one of these sessions, I consider it a privilege. They are all about holding space for the person being photographed so that they may see exactly what they need to see at a specific moment in time in order to heal and grow. Each session is so beautifully unique and intimate, because every person is on a different healing journey. Sometimes we need to know we are supported. At other times, we need to see what we are capable of in order to make that final push into the next phase of our lives. The sessions never really know what they are going to be until they begin. It takes complete trust and faith in the process…believing that the photographs will turn out exactly as they are meant to be without having any idea what that looks like. These sessions are an exercise in having faith.

A bit more about Embrace the Light Sessions…

This is an invitation to embrace your light, to allow yourself to be photographed, to be seen, to be loved for who you are at this exact moment in time, to share the you that exists deep down at the core of your being.

The experience begins at a location of your choosing, one where you are your most authentic self: in your home, at the ocean, in the woods… anywhere you feel joy! We will find a quiet spot and you will spend 15 to 20 minutes receiving Reiki (a healing energy) channeled through me.

After your healing session, we will spend the next 40 minutes photographing you at your most peaceful, at your most joyful – meditating, dancing, twirling, moving your body in any freeing manner that makes sense to you in that moment. During this time, I will shoot 36 frames of film.

Following the session, you and I will sit together while I rewind the film, holding an intention of authenticity and love. When the time is right, I will open the bottom of the camera to let the light in, to let your light in.

One to two weeks following our session, you will receive the digital files of 3 to 7 beautiful color photographs*. They will be yours to keep as a reminder of who you are, your vibrant spirit.

  • These photographs are not photoshopped. They are purely a mixture of film, you, me, and light.

Photograph of the luminous Lori Fisher.