Crystals for Eclipse Season (April 25th to May 30th)

Over the next 30 plus days, we will be experiencing a Solar Eclipse (April 30th) and a Total Lunar Eclipse on (May 15). Eclipses are powerful portals of energy. They allow us to move through shifts and change at hyper-speed (if we are willing)! We can also use them to create gentler shifts, but it requires us to acknowledge and claim the speed with which we are shifting. 

Some ways we can support ourselves during eclipse season: 

  • In moments of overwhelm, ask yourself - What do I need right now? Listen for the first thing that pops into your head. It might be as simple as getting to walk along the ocean or sticking your hands in dirt. Perhaps it is, a midday nap or an early night in bed. 
  • Use crystals or Oracle Decks to get that extra dose of support from Mother Earth/The Universe. 
  • Only say yes to things that will support your well-being. I know it can be hard said and done, but even having awareness around this, can be a big help. Perhaps you can't say no, but you only stay for 30 minutes rather than the whole time. 
  • Taking baths/showers with the intention of clearing any energy that is no long in alignment with who you are becoming. 

Some crystals to connect with during Eclipse Season...

  • Blue Apatite 
    • Helps Connect us to our intuitive and our truest path. 
  • Labradorite
    • Supports you during times of Transformation
    • Protects one in a way that a cocoon protects a butterfly
  • Desert Jasper 
    • Grounding and Nourishing
  • Hematite
    • Deep Grounding and Protection
  • Gold Sheen Obsidian
    • Grounding from a vibration of gold, helps one raise their vibration whilst grounding in the present.
  • Rose Quartz
    • Deep Love and Kindness for oneself

And most importantly, no matter what comes at you this eclipse season, remember...You've got this!