Benefits of Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions (with Reiki)

There are many benefits to energy healing work; especially for empaths. All intuitive healing sessions include Reiki (a high vibrational bright healing energy).

Here is a list of ways that Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions have helped me through the years:

  • Connect more deeply to my own intuition.
  • Move out resistance during times of shifts and great change
  • Create space for change and new opportunities.
  • Reduce brain fog and heaviness
  • Extra Support during times of transition and change
  • Regain my own knowledge and information; clear out lies from my space.
  • Clean out client energy from my space.
  • Reclaim my energy from previous relationships.
  • Heal old wounds
  • Clean up previous lifetimes with themes that are recurring in this one.
  • Clean up any energetic whacks or debris.
  • Reclaim my power and seniority in my own space
  • And so many other benefits !

We shine are brightest and have our deepest connection to our own intuition, when we are filled with our own energy. Intuitive Healing Sessions are a wonderful gift to yourself...a way to reconnect to you. 

To book an Intuitive Healing Session; send me an email through the contact page or directly through the website here

Not sure if you want to commit to a whole hour? New clients can book a 30 minute New Client session !