Prep Work for Manifesting

Manifesting can be beautiful and it can be empowering, but some of us (myself included) require deep healing work before we are able to fully manifest in the way that our heart and soul desires. I am speaking from experience. I have watched people that I know be in the same space as me and then receive what we were both working towards manifesting long before I ever did. It can be discouraging, but it is important to have perspective.

If I came into this world with far more healing to do, it would make sense that others could attain their manifestations sooner. I'll give you an example. If I start out at A, and in order to heal old wounds, I need to heal A-Q to get to my desired R, it may take me longer than someone who starts out at J and only needs to heal J-Q to get to their version of R. The biggest snags in manifesting are trying to do so quickly and easily without doing the work - and by work I mean hiding from what you actually need to heal in order to be truly in alignment with yourself.

Manifesting does work! 100%! But, for some of us, prep work is required.

Here are some ways to begin your journey to manifesting for your highest and greatest good...

  • Practice Grounding 
    • Visualize being connected to the earth
    • Feel the support of the earth under your feet
    • Breathe
    • Repeat for a few minutes, daily or as often as needed
    • Pro tip - if you are walking into things (walls, tables, door frames), you probably aren't grounded. ;)
  • Practice Being Present
    • When we are unhappy in our present, it is so easy to want to jump to the past or to our future, but we manifest when we are in the present.
    • Start with awareness and make a mental note of when you are not in the present moment.
    • Be kind to yourself
    • When you find yourself outside the present moment, pull yourself back by making a mental list of your senses.
      • What do I feel around me in this moment?
      • What do I smell in this moment?
      • What do I hear in this moment?
      • What do I see in this moment?
      • What do I taste in this moment?
    • Breathe in gratitude for coming back to the present.
  • Understanding the Power of Self Worth and Havingness
    • We can practice manifesting until the cows come home, but if we don't actually believe that we can have something, we probably won't get it, and if we do there is a slim chance of keeping it. 
    • When you find yourself wishing something into existence, ask yourself...
      • Can I have this? Be honest with yourself, can I truly have this as I am now?
      • If you get a yes, yay!
      • If you get a no, ask yourself why not? Be true to yourself. Listen for the first thing that pops into your brain. This is where you may need healing in order to expand your havingness.
  • I say this next one with so much love and order to prepare for your manifestations to come true, you may need to look at fear of getting and/or fear of not getting what you want.
    • Once you identify why you have fear, you may want to gently and kindly begin to look at how you need to be supported, in order to properly release it.
    • Remember, a weed always grows back unless you clear it out from the root. What is the root of this fear? Is it not feeling support? Is it not feeling deserving? Is it not being willing to receive?
    • Take some time to journal, ask your higher self for steps to work towards releasing.
    • Give yourself permission to be kind and patient with yourself.

Now that you have worked through Phase 1 of Manifesting Boot Camp. It's time for Phase 2!

  • Daily Mini-Meditations 
    • Learning to Embody what it feels like to already have your manifestation in your present day. 
      • If you aren't sure what to focus on, ask yourself...what emotion will I feel when I have _______________ in my life? Use the first emotion that comes to mind.
    • If fear or a lower vibration pops up, return to the previous step and continue to shift out the lower vibrations aka the lies in your space. 
    • Hiding fears and lower vibrations in your space means that they will resurface. You need to get them out at the root. They need to be fully released rather than shoved into the shadows.
    • The brighter we shine the more all those hidden wounds surface, because we light them up. We are the ones that truly want to heal. 
At the start of this post, it was only meant to be a journal entry, but as I come to the end, I am realizing that it may be helpful to have this as a course. One where you can have the support of me and those who choose to join you. Stay tuned for more details...