Your Words and Thoughts Create Your Reality

Our words and our thoughts create the world we live in. We get to choose whether we place our focus on everything that is wrong or on what is going right. We always get to choose. You have to be willing to shift your thoughts through acts of love and kindness towards yourself. 

Here are some common wordings you can begin to integrate into your life...

I have/should/am trying to do vs. I am willing to do xxxx  

Everything is going wrong vs. I am grateful that x and x are going right

I am not looking forward to this vs. I am curious to see what happens today

I don't want change vs. I wonder what happens if

I need to be less mean to myself vs. I am willing to be kinder to myself

I am the worst vs I had a really hard day today, but I made it through.

Nothing good every happens to me vs I am looking forward to what the day brings (and meaning it)

For a while, I would keep a running list of phrase I found myself gravitating towards along with their higher vibrational counterparts. It helped a lot!

It takes time to shift old habits deeply ingrained in us, but if you really want to change, you can. Remember, all it takes is baby steps, consistency, and treating yourself with kindness.