Resistance Equals Shifts

Times of great shifts and transformation mean that we experience all aspects of things. We have days where we truly feel like we are becoming who we are meant to be, days where we feel like we have taken ten steps backwards, days where we feel so immersed in resistance that we feel we cannot break free, and everything in between. 

Resistance comes in many forms. It may feel like stagnant waters, like quicksand, a heavy weight upon you, or even rage. It can feel like you are in a box and all four corners are placing pressure on you. It takes so many different forms. And yet, we are meant to recognize it, in order to begin to shift it. So as I sit here today, deep in my own resistance, I want to share ways of recognizing resistance and how to begin to move it out.  And full disclosure, I stopped and started this piece about 5 times - and my entire body currently feels like pressure is coming from all sides.

How to recognize resistance...

*Ask yourself - Is this resistance?

*Ask do I need to know why? If you get a yes, ask why?

*Ask what can I do to begin to shift it out?

*And this is the most important part...LISTEN TO YOUR ENTIRE ANSWER. Do not dismiss it. When we are in resistance, dismissing it is so easy, but listen to your gut, hear your higher self tell you how you can support yourself during this time.

*Implement said answer - no matter how frustrating or annoying or silly - just do it.

*Before you are finished - I guarantee you will notice some of the resistance begin to melt away.

*When you finish with your answer - ask yourself is there anything else I can to do to support myself as I move out this resistance? 

Remember, resistance comes as a barrier - a quest if you will - do you want to stay where you are or do you want to shift? If you want to shift, you need to look at what is keeping you where you are. You can take it in leaps or baby steps, but shifting is a choice. Only you have the power to move your resistance.