How to Cultivate Care and Love For Yourself

We all need baby steps when we create new habits and routines. Maybe not everyone, but I know I certainly do. One of the themes for me this year has been can I love myself more deeply? 

The answer is in each and every thing that I do for myself whether its around food, nurturing, nourishment, etc. I have learned to treat everything I do for myself with love and kindness. And then, when I receive whatever I have done for myself, I allow my heart to swell with gratitude. 

For example, every night before I go to bed, I lay out workout clothes for the next morning, set up my tea mug, tea bag, cacao, water, vitamins, along with the girls' bowls. I make sure my kettle is full and that my workout shoes are by my chair ready for me as soon as I sit to put them on. So every single morning begins from a space of love. 

No matter the ups and downs of the day before and no matter what happened in my dreams, I am greeted each morning with love and thoughtfulness. Which means that is the tone my day begins with. I can always connect to that love and kindness - and it has made great shifts in how I experience each day. 

Because, each day is choice. We are constantly giving chances to respond / react throughout our day. Do we choose anger, rage, frustration, disappointment or do we choose love, acceptance, gratitude, and wonder? 

Your initial reaction is based on your traumas and where you need healing, but how you respond after your initial reaction is a choice. You always have a choice. Always. 

How will you cultivate more love and care for yourself? What is one thing you can begin to do for yourself? - to remind you that you are loved.