Great Shifts Can Emerge From Grief

Choice has been coming up a lot for me these past few weeks. How we choose to experience inconveniences, where we choose to put our focus and our energy, how we choose to experience grief... Grief is something everyone experiences in their life. And, it is experienced differently by every single person and with every occurrence, each time the grief is just as valid. We are taught, or at least I was, grief is private. But it isn't...the act of an individuals grieving is intimate, but having support is vital. The kindness of a stranger can make or break your day when you are deep in grief...or at any time really.

Usually grieving is associated with death, but we can grieve anything...a lost friendship, a death, a job, our bodies (ones that can no longer do what they used to), relationships, and pretty much anything that feels like it's lost and gone forever.

Grief is healthy. It allows us to process our emotions now rather than shoving them in the back of the closet. Which let's be honest, in America, we learn this as children. Don't cry now. Now isn't the time. Be happy. It's not really a big deal. We are taught as small children that feeling our feelings isn't meant to be public (and sometimes - it isn't even meant to be private) - nothing could be further from the truth. 

As humans, we feel deeply. Even the ones that do not express it, feel far more deeply in body than in spirit. As humans we have the capacity to feel deep expressions of joy, ecstasy, love, wonder, and we also have the capacity to feel anguish, sorrow, sadness deeply. We come into body to feel, to experience, to learn, and to complete karma - amongst other things. 

One of the many things that helped me greatly during my years of grieving was energy healing. Having weekly sessions, allowed me to process my grief as well as all the emotions that the grief stirred up, so that I could feel them and release them in a way that was mostly kind and gentle (although some of it was very intense and deep and heavy). The thing about true energy healing is that the ones guiding us are doing just that - they guide us and validate us in a way that supports our healing. We are the ones doing the work, but they are the ones giving us the validation and often putting into words what we are unable to express. Knowing that you are not alone in this gives you the power to continue down your healing path in those moments when you are exhausted and over it. 

Grieving is a part of existing in human form. Every time we grieve, we are placed back into the ashes - a phoenix ready to rise, depending on the choices we make. Grief brings up old traumas, insecurities, heartaches, and so much more that needs to be healed. Do we choose to heal it and move through this chapter with the intention of growth and change or do we ignore everything that comes up and trudge forward?

If you are curious about Energy Healing or Reiki, please send me a message through the contact page and I would be delighted to chat with you to discuss how energy healing or reiki could support you at this point in your journey.