Divine Timing is Real

If the past few months have taught me anything, it is this...divine timing is real. Do the work. Show up every day. Be grateful. Acknowledge something good that happened even on those challenging days. Learn to see the world in new ways. Be kind. Breathe. 

I know, I know. We hear these things all the time, but how many of us do them without embodying them? These feelings need to be embodied in order for us to truly change and grow. If we feel them in our core, the rest truly does tend to sort itself out. Believing you are supported is not the same as feeling anxious every time you want to feel supported. Feeling loved is different than desiring or longing to feel love. 

It has taken me almost 41 years to get to the space where I finally understand this deep down within my being. I have had to be tender, kind, patient, and loving to myself. I have had to allow myself to feel so raw that I wasn't sure I would ever not feel raw again. I have had to admit that many basic functions of daily life I never learned - how to cook, how to clean stains, how to save money, how to invest, how to make friends, how to be in a relationship, how to be with family, how to be athletic...I literally in the last year was able to embrace that I do not know the answers to any of those things, but I do know how to heal and I am a decent learner, if I do say so myself, so I am going to treat myself as a beginner in all those areas.

The first step to healing is to accept that you want to heal. The second step to healing is being willing to heal. Wanting and be willing are two very different things - being willing means you are open to moving forward and embracing what comes your way. Wanting is more passive. The weight of that is real. It is one of the most empowering choices we can make for ourselves in our lifetimes, and sometimes it can also be the most intimidating, because healing brings change - it brings the unknown. If you really want things to change, learn how to heal yourself. Learn how to support yourself when you are healing. Learn how to be patient, kind, and loving to yourself. Learn to ask for help and support from others when you need it. Learn how to be willing to embrace the unknown.

So many of us are in the same boat. We are going through an epic change in consciousness on this planet. Things that we used to ignore can no longer be ignored. Things that used to distract us are no longer working. In order to withstand all this change, we are being asked to heal. Those that choose to follow their healing journey will be challenged as they face fears, worries, and anxieties that they had been avoiding, but there will also be immeasurable beauty and surprises that flow our way. There will be new wonderful experiences and encounters...and their will be healing, growth, and change. 

We live in a different world when we live with a healed heart and clear eyes...the truth is there is so much beauty in the world. 

Be gentle with yourself. Ask for support from healers, therapists, and others who feel aligned with your healing path. Practice connecting with your intuition so you can relearn how to listen to your needs. You. Can. Do. This. 

Now, about that Divine Timing. Here's the thing, all those desires and dreams that I have been yearning for - I wasn't ready for them - yet. I wouldn't have been able to experience them the way that I was meant to if I had gotten them when I first began wishing them into existence. I needed to do the work. I needed to learn in gentle kind ways from smaller versions of my bigger desires. I needed to have my anxiety, fears, and insecurities poked so that I could heal them on a deeper level. So, I am learning. I am rising to the challenges being placed in front of me. I am facing them head on, no matter how raw I become. Rawness leads to openness. It is our body remembering how to remain open and the experience is so incredibly tender and beautiful. The more I choose to embrace healing the deepest parts of myself, the more the universe places all those manifestations and desires into my lap - and the more I feel supported. Divine Timing is REAL! 

It is an honor to support you in any way I can - connecting you to your crystals, empowering you to connect to your own intuition, guiding you through energy healing or reiki sessions. The last 8 years have been a nonstop healing journey for me. I know I still have a long way to go, but I also know that I am now in a place where I can support others - especially in areas of grief, empowerment, patience, kindness, and self-love. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you all.