Crystals for Beginners | 5 Tips As You Begin Your Crystal Journey

There is loads and loads of information swimming around the aether and the internet around crystals. Everyone has input, and that's okay. But, at the end of the day, working with crystals is specific to you and your experience. 

Below are five tips for beginning your crystal journey...

* Crystals are meant to work with you not for you. They provide a specific energy for you to connect with so that you can learn how to live from that vibration. Ultimately, you are the solution, crystals act as a tool to support you on your healing journey.

*Connecting with Crystals hones and sharpens our own intuition. Crystals are easy to be drawn towards. We don't need to know what they support to know whether or not it is right for us. You just...well, you just know. Once you are drawn to a crystal, you can look up the properties. It is always fascinating to watch someone pick up a crystal and later on look it up, only to realize that it was in fact just what they needed. Crystals find us. It is our job to be open to them. 

*Likewise, if you come across a crystal and have a visceral negative reaction. Look up that crystal. It could be just something off with that specific crystal or it could be that the energy of the stone energetically poked you to look at something that you have been avoiding. Stones are very much a source of light, and light shines on everything - including things that we have been avoiding. 

*If you find yourself dreaming or obsessively thinking about a specific stone, there is a high probability that stone may be able to support you in your current growth period. In the same breath, if you come across a crystal and think that it might be good for something you are currently working on - trust this. You are right. Even if all the writing on the internet says it is meant for something else. Trust that you know what is best for you. Remember, other people's experiences are not your experiences. Stones are of the earth and meant to support humans in many different ways. Your way is just as valid - even if there is nothing in writing that speaks to how you want to use your stone.

*Before you search for a crystal online or in a shop - take a moment, breathe, and ask to connect to your higher self. Ask for a stone that will help support you in __________________ or ask for a stone that will best support you during your next growth period. Then start looking and see what crystals jump out to you. 

Looking for more insight and beginner knowledge? I currently offer private crystal classes and consultations, please feel free to reach out if you would like to receive more information!