Intuitive Healing

Each session is an invitation to shift and grow. To release what no longer serves you in a way that is kind, loving, and gentle on your physical form. Sessions are created especially for you. They may include any mixture of the following Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Guided Meditation, Aura Clearing, Rose Readings (Past lives), Chakra Balancing, Clairvoyant Work, and more.$175 | 60 minutes

SPECIAL OFFER – Purchase 2 – 60 minute Intuitive Healing Sessions for $222. Sessions may be used anytime during 2021.

Reiki Healing

A universal healing modality, Reiki, is a great way to help shift out unwanted energy and energy that does not serve you and/or belong to you. Reiki sessions are usually in silence while I place my hands at different spots along your body.$135 | 60 minutes

Healing Photography Sessions

Please click the link below to head over to the Aura Photography page for all the details.


Distance Reiki

A check in over phone or via text at the beginning to clarify what you want support with. During the session, I focus on running Reiki with the intention of shifting what you are ready to shift. Follow up via text or phone to discuss the healing.$50 | 30 minutes


Quick clean outs. Assisting in the release of additional energy that is ready to be moved.(Can be done over the phone or via text.)Available for current clients only$35 | 10 minutes

Giant Hug from the Universe

Distance Reiki. Reiki sent remotely with the intention is to send the recipient unconditional love.$20 | 7 minutes


Soundbaths are a great way to release and to receive. My soundbaths consist of a mixture of 7 Crystal Bowls. Each corresponds to a different chakra. Soundbaths are usually held once a month and often include Reiki from me or from one of the lovely individuals that I collaborate with. Please check instagram for upcoming events.Price varies depending on the event. For private soundbaths, please contact me directly to discuss further.

Remote Object Healings | Crystal Clearing

Have you ever had an object that you loved and wanted to keep, but something just felt off about it? This is where remote object healings come in. Objects, like people, hold energy. These healings clear the objects of energy that does not belong to them, so that you can fully enjoy them. You can use this for anything…vintage clothing, jewelry, family heirlooms, furniture, crystals, etc.$35 distance | $50 in personanywhere from 15 - 25 minutes

Crystal Consultant

Have you ever wanted to purchase crystals, but don’t know where to begin? This allows us to go shopping together and have me intuitively pick the crystals that will be most beneficial for you at this moment in time. Price is based on your needs.Please contact me directly to discuss further.Currently only offered for Los Angeles locals.