Conscious Change Happens in Baby Steps

You know that feeling when you want something to change, but you feel powerless, because you don't know how to make the change happen? Well, I am going to share one of my experiences with you, and maybe, just maybe, they may help you create your own change. 

Yesterday, there was a recurring theme around listening to the voice inside your know the one that suggests you do something simple to make a shift or a change (going outside, eating healthier, walking more, etc) or sometimes something big like its time to switch jobs or get back out there or anything really.

Well, it was even more fascinating that this theme became reoccurring, because yesterday was the day that I had finally listened to my own inner voice regarding something it had been telling me for ages.

Literally, for months. I had been telling myself every morning to not pick up my phone first thing. I knew I would have a brighter start to each day, but for some reason, I refused to listen. I liked feeling connected to something outside of myself - a mix of living by myself throughout a global pandemic and being tied to my phone to generate income for myself made me crave checking on everything to make sure the world was still there. 

This seemingly small distraction had a big effect. Picking up my phone first thing guaranteed that my day started with distraction and with other people's energy. In my partially awake state, I would unintentionally absorb the energy of others as I mindlessly scrolled around. It did about zero for my highest good. 

I have been craving change and shift. It has been 8 years on this specific journey to heal my soul and create a brighter life for myself, and if I am honest, I am getting impatient, but I am also so close now, I can literally feel it.

So when that little voice in my head said, maybe today is the day that I do not start the day on my phone, I decided to listen, because what was the worst that could happen...I would feel exactly like I feel every morning? And then I thought, Okay, I can live with that.

But you know what, it doesn't feel the same. It feels like me choosing to listen was one of the last pieces of the puzzle (not to say - I won't continue to heal deeply), on this specific healing journey.  

So, ask yourself, what is one small step you can begin to take for yourself to bring you closer to who you want to become?